Dress between seasons

With this rocky weather, it’s a bit of a horror to dress up right now! We are both dying to wear small spring pieces but at the same time it is too early to completely let go of coats, so you have to be a little creative to dress! This outfit is a mix between winter and spring: I integrated some spring pieces into my winter wardrobe, just to have fun and wear these new items while staying warm!

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it’s a marvel that’s perfect for the winter/spring transition. It is very nicely cut and I love its heart embroidery on the bib which makes it more feminine!


It is often said that the jeans + jeans combination does not work but I love the rendering of my light denim shirt with my Sézane skinny jeans in dark jeans! With some red details and my beige coat, I really like the rendering of this color palette!


As I’m tired of wearing my boots, I slipped a pair of opaque tights under my jeans and put on my favorite babies! I don’t usually wear them in winter but with opaque tights that keep you warm, it’s a viable option for the temperatures of the moment!


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