What boots are made for your legs

Our belief, at Lookiero, is that the right garment is the one that adapts to your physiognomy. The ideal boots for you are therefore boots that perfectly fit your legs and enhance your natural lines.

Slender legs or strong legs, wide, long or short, if you sometimes have trouble choosing the right pair, our Personal Shoppers answer your doubts with this special boots guide.

If your legs are long and slender

Legs long, telescopic, you may be looking to visually stretch them no further. In this case, the most interesting models for you are flared boots (the circumference widens at the level of the calf). The military boot, for example, is ideal, worn over the trousers and – preferably – in a different color from the trousers to create contrast.

Outfit if your legs are long and slender
The military boot

What boots for a trendy look that’s easy to wear every day? The black military boots, combined with camel skinny jeans, a beige sweater and a black coat for the balance of the look. A light tote bag on the shoulder, and you’re ready.

If your legs are long and wide

In this case, you may want to play on stretching the lines. Prefer flat boots (like riding boots) and close-fitting or straight-cut pants.

outfit If your legs are long and wide
beige boots

Which boots to choose for a trendy look? We offer you a beige model that combines rear closure and pointed ends, which we associate with beige skinny pants and a small black ribbed sweater. Bring a touch of pep to your look with an animal print coat, for a basic casual style that’s slightly elevated.

If your legs are short and thin

One form of boot suits you particularly well: high boots (up to the knee), with a shorter rear part. Feel free to add heels if you want to lengthen the legs a bit.

Outfit If your legs are short and thin
high heeled boots

If you have wide calves

Your ideal boots go up to mid-calf with a wide opening that will bring some balance to your legs. Tap into the winter 2021-2022 trend and try black western boots, a revisited shape of cowboy boots that will stylize your silhouette from below.

Outfit if you have wide calves
black western boots

Your trendy look of the moment combines these black western boots and a black and white animal print dress. Add an oversized blazer in a soft camel for contrast and a small shoulder bag that skilfully crosses the lines. A little touch of red on your lips and you’re ready to face any day.

If you have bow legs

You will probably try to compensate for the external curvature of the leg. Also, avoid (very) high heels and flat boots. Your ideal model is rather perched on intermediate heels. Also avoid skinny pants with your boots and prefer the straight cut, the palazzo or the culottes which perfectly redraw the line of your legs.

outfit If you have bow legs
flat boots

Your trendy look in boots: white culottes, a knit sweater in the same tone and a touch of khaki in a soft down jacket . Camel mid-heel ankle boots, small bag for going out, you will be delighted this winter.

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