How to choose the right Pants for men?

The choice of the material of your Pants 

It is possible to find  pants in various materials . Originally,  pants were intended for the military. Indeed, called “Khaki” among the British and “  Chino  ” among the Americans , it is this last name which will cross the ages. Of course, the material of your Pants adapts to the style you want to have but also to the seasonality .

blue chino pants

Indeed, it’s time to find textiles like cotton, twill, flannel or even cotton moleskin . However, here, it is cotton that is in control of the situation . It is suitable for its lightness but also for its versatile shape.


Update on main subjects

  • Cotton is a plant fiber known for its lightness , ease of maintenance and softness. Very often Pants are in a mixed composition with elastane which makes them more comfortable when worn but also more resistant.
  • Twill , from its French “cotton twill” is the original material of pants . It is thanks to its robustness and its diagonal-shaped armor that it was able to dress the military but also adapt to all seasons. And yes, cotton twill can be woven tightly or loosely and can then correspond to hot periods as well as winter.

choose the material of your chinos for men

  • Flannel is a material that will be interesting in an exclusively winter period. Indeed, Edgard has already spoken to you about this manufacturing process which gives it its softness and voluptuousness thanks to these fraying pins of the fabric in the opposite direction of its weaving.
  • Cotton moleskin is a tightly woven cotton canvas covered with a flexible coating and a flexible varnish . It is often used for its durability and resistance but also for its more structured hold . This material therefore corresponds more to an elegant pants which would be the ideal alternative to suit pants in a formal look.


To choose your Pants carefully: Ensure that the cut is respected

The cut of the Pants is unique, whether in the overall shape of the pants, often called “carrot pants” or in their details: Italian or piped pockets, fine loops. Indeed, this cut of pants is between dress pants and light canvas pants .

choose your chinos men's pants

  • Slim cut: for those who have a strong style , Edgard advises you to choose a slim cut which will therefore follow your shape, whether on your thighs but also on the dome of your calves. This cut differentiates itself from the others with a slight floor burn effect that will leave your ankles visible.
  • Regular cut: this is the most worn and common cut for this style of pants. It includes a similar adjustment on the thighs and calves. This type of cut avoids molding your body shape. On the contrary, its cut will even be slimming .
  • Balloon cut: this cut with a drop crotch effect is wide at the crotch and thighs. It still maintains the “carrot” effect by tightening at the bottom of the ankles . It can be adapted if you are thin and want to further thicken your body shape.

Pay attention to details when choosing the right Pants

Now that the foundations are laid, sharpen your attention to detail with the key points of Pants. Already pay attention to the quality of the seams ! The bartacks, hems, ends of the pants , each point and back and forth will be important to look at closely.

Another important element in Pants unlike denim or suit pants: the lining . Indeed, this particularity is often the niche of many freedoms . But, above all, it is a direct message of the brand’s guarantee of quality . We notice this thanks to the choice of lining fabric (often Liberty) but also its integration.

the details in choosing chinos

Finally, another distinctive character trait of a men’s Pants: these pockets are sewn in the form of a slit and lined with piping (thin strip of fabric or leather finishing the flat pocket). In order to know the good quality of these piped pockets, observe the sewing of the buttons crosswise or in parallel .

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