What to look for in cat toys


  • What are the best cat toys?
  • Stay away from laser pointers!
  • What does interactive cat toy mean?
  • How can I keep my indoor cat occupied?
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What are the best cat toys?

Cat lovers know: animals have a mind of their own. Their preferences when it comes to cat toys are as individual as the animals themselves. Some people are crazy about plush mice that are particularly close in shape and size to their natural prey. Others prefer pillows filled with catnip , whose herbal contents give them a kind of (safe) intoxication. And other animals love it when their owner swings the toy rod and they can chase after a feather dangling from it.

No matter which toy your cat enjoys the most, it should always be solidly made. The cat should not be able to swallow the toy itself or any part of it. Battery-operated toys for cats, such as automatically rolling balls, must be designed in such a way that the animal never comes into contact with the electronics – even if they scratch or nibble on the material.

Stay away from laser pointers!

Laser pointers are problematic and therefore not recommended: they can injure the eyes of people and animals. In addition, the cat is denied hunting success even if it “catches” the red light dot. For many cats, playing with the laser pointer quickly becomes boring or, in the worst cases, can even frustrate them.

What does interactive cat toy mean?

Interactive cat toys encourage a couch potato cat to lurk and hunt even when their owners are not at home. These include, for example, self-rolling electronic balls and mice that flash colorfully and automatically change direction when they encounter an obstacle. Such interactive toys are intended to give the cat exercise and challenge it both mentally and physically.

A good alternative to electronic toys for cats are intelligence toys such as fiddling boards and sniffing mats. Here treats are placed in small holes, between wooden or plastic pegs or between the folds of carpet. By cleverly using its paws, the cat can try to get to the hidden snacks. The advantage: In addition to the fun, there is even a small reward.

How can I keep my indoor cat occupied?

For cats that live exclusively or mostly in the apartment, engaging with toys is particularly important. Ultimately, the animals lack the external stimuli that affect outdoor animals during their rounds through the neighborhood. Indoor cats therefore need a lot of variety. Your toys should be changed every now and then to ensure that there is no boredom in the apartment. If (indoor) cats are not exercised properly, there is a risk of negative consequences such as obesity and/or behavioral problems. Neutered male cats in particular tend to gain weight if they don’t get enough exercise.

A great way to exercise your cat and strengthen your bond with your pet at the same time is to do clicker training together. To do this, you need a clicker or cracking frog, some treats – and a little patience. As soon as your cat shows the desired behavior, for example making a face or pawing, the clicker sounds and the reward immediately follows. This way you can teach your darling great tricks.
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