In order to cook a meal and to serve it, the necessary materials or kitchen utensils are needed according to the preparation stage of the meal. In the absence of technology, people created their own technologies with their own means in situations where some opportunities were limited. Since cooking in Anatolian kitchens is a job that women generally undertake, women are consulted while producing kitchen tools and utensils. Even if the purpose of use of the utensils in the kitchen always shows a similarity, it may differ according to their location. In general, kitchens have a stove in one corner, it is called tan in the old language. On the other hand, the place where winter foods are stored is called the cellar. In the past, near the tans, flour, bulgur, tarhana, beans, It makes it easy to have foods such as these in jars and have them at hand in terms of use. Shelves are lined up in the other part of the kitchen. There are soup bowls and trays called sini on the top floor of the shelves. On the middle shelf, there is a storage container in the old tongue with lids, and on the bottom shelf there is a pot and a basin. As you can see, kitchen utensils are placed on the shelves according to their frequency of use. There are wooden and iron spoons, colander and small and large knives in a cutlery on the counter. Large pots, pans with lids, and oil pans are used for long-term, tedious meals. Kitchen utensils are important not only in the area where they are used, but also in the use of handicrafts. Embroidery, carving, The products we encounter in such areas may vary according to the items that are easily accessible and processed compared to traditional structures. On the days of weddings, engagements and mawlids, the items used for daily use were removed and the kitchen utensils used for the guests were removed instead. For example, when hosting guests, they are served with the most beautiful plates, gilded glasses or nice cups, we invite guests for iftar to meet with spouses, friends and relatives at the same tables. With the development of technology, the kitchen tools that we can use in the kitchens are also so advanced. In the past, when a guest would come, he would have to knead dough for hours on the one hand and it would be very difficult to cook on the other hand. Now, in order to help us in the kitchens, both electrical and non-electrical kitchen tools have been produced, which work differently in every field.  this includes kitchen tools.


It is incomprehensible how the adhan time came with the rush in the kitchen. Those delicious iftar meals eaten after breaking the fast leave an unforgettable taste on the palate.  It is very difficult to cook while fasting. You want to cook the best meals and prepare a perfect and complete table for your guests who will come to iftar in the evening. If there is no one to help you at home for this, kitchen tools and utensils come into play. Kitchen utensils are not only those who work without electricity, but also items that have different tasks and work with electricity.



The dough kneading machine, which has a bowl made of metal steel, is an electric kitchen appliance with kneading tips that best knead many different types of dough by hand in the dough kneading bowl. It can knead dough, which is made by taking samples from the ends of the mixer machine, has larger apparatus and brings it to the desired consistency. We can say that the most useful kitchen equipment  may be the dough kneading machine. While you are busy preparing desserts or main dishes, the dough kneading machine can make all kinds of dough in a consistency you want without tiring you. You can buy this product from DHgate which makes it easy for us in the kitchen area, from many places. However, it is possible to buy in a budget-friendly way on the DHgate site, which introduces itself with appropriate and campaigns. You can easily choose many types of dough machines and buy them thanks to the campaigns. Large kitchen appliances in this style may seem a bit expensive when viewed economically.


It is called an electric whisk or whisk that quickly mixes flour, eggs, sugar to make cake and pastry dough. In general, it is made by twisting a few wires and attaching a handle to the end. It can be seen that sometimes a bamboo or plastic handle is attached instead of a metal handle. For your guests who will come to iftar in the evening, you can make delicious cakes, desserts or perfectly puffed cakes that you can enjoy with tea after dinner. Instead of mixing flour, eggs and sugar in your hands for hours, you can make cake batters more easily and without wasting time with an electric mixer beater.



Foods are stored for a long time without spoiling, according to the correct storage conditions. We always need these containers to store breakfasts in the refrigerator or to store less leftover meals from your guests who come for iftar. Rather than keeping a hot meal in a healthy way without changing its taste, it is stored in the storage container in the refrigerator to be heated and eaten later, to prevent airflow.


It is a solid board that you use to chop food on it. Today, not only wooden but also plastic and glass cutting boards are produced. When cooking for iftar menus, you will be more comfortable if you chop the food on a cutting board instead of chopping it by hand. Cutting boards are one of the utensils used to prepare meals in kitchens.



It is a deep and round kitchen utensil made of stainless steel, granite, titanium, which is used for cooking or boiling something. The pan is a shallow kitchen utensil made of copper, steel, granite.



The grater, which is one of the kitchen tools that provides multiple functions in your kitchens, makes your work easier while cooking in the kitchen. The vegetable or cheddar cheese chopper, which is specially designed for multi-purpose, performs both grating and chopping thanks to its different varieties. For example, if there is potato in your meal, it will be ready in 1 minute, not 10 minutes. , it is one of the kitchen tools that are the hand of the kitchens to quickly chop the vegetables thanks to the multi-functional grater.


The blender, which is both easy to make and one of the kitchen tools, will help you while making soup. The blender, which crushes the carrots and potatoes in the lentil soup until they reach an invisible consistency, is one of the indispensable tools of the kitchen.



There is a kitchen utensil that works for lemon, which adds flavor to salads, which is among the indispensables of iftar tables. You can not only squeeze lemons, but also use it as an orange juicer for those who love orange juice and want it to be natural.

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