Propose during the holidays… 3 staging ideas

Making a marriage proposal during the holiday season: 3 ideas that change

Before getting to the heart of the matter, you need a minimum of preparation:


Step 1: Prepare your action plan

Yes, making a marriage proposal requires preparation and above all it does not necessarily have to be done alone, the help of a close friend can really help in this kind of case , but be careful, a close friend who knows how to hold on. his language. The element of surprise must be intact.

christmas marriage proposal idea


Step 2: Choose THE ring

Yes, who says marriage proposal says engagement diamond ring
. So I could tell you “take a plated ring, you can only see fire”, but it’s a unique moment and for this moment that you will remember all your life, it is better to have an exceptional jewel. (after I’m not talking about an ultra bling bling ring that costs the price of a porch).

Gold and silver do not deteriorate over time, metals last.

How to take measurements in secret?

Ha yes, taking the measurements of a finger is not easy. If you have ever given a ring to your loved one, you need to know its size.

Otherwise, it must be done without his knowledge, so no need to take out the tape measure in secret, a simple thread is enough.

All you have to do is circle his finger with a film and measure afterwards. After reassure yourself if the size is not really the right one, it can be adjusted. =)

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3 staging ideas for proposing during the holidays


Box 24 of the advent calendar

For the most intimate, those who do not want to make a big show in front of all the family or friends. Why not use an advent calendar?

Whether chocolate or any other product, simply replace box 24 with the ring. The effect will be guaranteed and above all the moment will be magical. On the other hand, it is better to be there when the loved one opens their calendar, otherwise everything falls flat.

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The famous champagne flute

So I don’t recommend the cake, it’s good in the movies, but it’s a blow to finish in the emergency room. In a pancake, we know that we can come across a bean, on the other hand when we eat a gift throughout the year, our vigilance falls flat.

The champagne flute is a really great solution. Certainly a bit cliché, but who has never smiled stupidly in front of such a scene in a film? (yes I am a marshmallow).

For this staging, I advise you to have an accomplice, to bring the flute back to your loved one next to you (and above all don’t be mistaken)

hide a wedding ring


The effect of surprise in front of everyone

There, you have to be sure of your shot, but it’s so cute.

Surrounded by your loved ones, family and/or friends, a beautiful marriage proposal in front of everyone is a memory that will remain etched in your memories.

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