Three tips for you to simplify your closet

One of the recurring points among clients who seek image consulting is the desire for a well-structured, functional closet that solves all pain and addresses all goals.


It may seem like a fairy tale story, but having a closet that fulfills all these functions is possible and that’s what we’re going to talk about here.


Come on?


3 tips for you to simplify your closet


Who will establish what is a simplified closet is you.


For that, you can always base yourself on your image desire and needs throughout your week.


If you are a mother, for example, and in addition to taking care of the children, you also need to leave for work very early, it doesn’t make much sense to have a completely full closet.


This will make you not see the possibilities contained therein and look for a solution to add more pieces, turning the problem into an endless avalanche.

For this case, a simple solution would be to adopt the Capsule Armory model , which consists of a wardrobe with key pieces for your routine and image desire.


It is worth noting that today, the capsule wardrobe concept has been updated, and there may be a capsule for work, one for outings, one for the gym, and so on.

But will the capsule wardrobe work the same for everyone?

As with everything within image and style consulting, the right answer here is it depends. It depends on your goals and lifestyle.


While this model of organization can be lifesaving for some people, it can be the incarnation of chaos in the lives of others.


This is precisely why you need to do a detailed analysis thinking about the following topics:


– What would make my life easier when getting ready in the morning?

– Do I look for practicality or quantity with regard to my wardrobe?

– For me, today, does it make more sense to have a closet with several options of pieces, or a closet with several options of look?


I’ll tell you here that yes, there is a difference between having many pieces and many looks, but it’s worth leaving that hook for a next post.


With these points defined, we can finally proceed to our second stage, the selection of parts.


Parts selection:

It is estimated that, on average, a person uses only 20% of the pieces in their wardrobe.


That means, in theory, 80% of all the items you buy are parked in your closet.


Now think with me: is a closet with so many stationary pieces a functional closet?


Selecting your clothes, curating what makes sense and what you like to wear, helps you not only reduce space on hangers and drawers, but also helps you make more assertive purchases.


To curate this, you can divide your pieces into a few different groups, for example: the pieces you love and wear all the time; the pieces you love and never used; the pieces you don’t like are in your closet; the parts that are damaged and the parts that have sentimental value.


By looking at the pile of pieces you don’t like and the pieces that are damaged, you’ll already be able to reduce the volume of your wardrobe, keeping, in theory, the pieces that fulfill a function in your routine.


It is worth noting here that the ideal thing is that the pieces that come out of your closet should have a purpose, be it a donation – when they are in good condition – and recycling when necessary.


In case you don’t know where to start, I invite you to discover the Unveiling the Closet service .


Discover your key pieces:

The key pieces in a wardrobe fulfill the basic function, that is, they are pieces that help you to reinforce your personal style, always guaranteeing you a look in moments of emergency.


These pieces will vary according to your style, image desire, career and routine, so here it is worth, once again, to do a more in-depth analysis of what you are looking for.


Let’s imagine the following scenario: a data programmer, who works around ten hours a day in the hybrid format, needs comfortable pieces and wants, in addition to practicality, to reinforce her authority.


This woman can probably consider good jeans, a plain cotton T-shirt and a well-fitting blazer and white sneakers to be her key pieces, as when put together, these pieces convey exactly what she seeks without sacrificing comfort.


The golden tip is high visibility:

Whether you opt for the capsule wardrobe model or not, the rule is clear: you need to see all the pieces of clothing that are in your wardrobe.


When you obstruct your visibility, whether by stacking your clothes in drawers or using just one hanger for more than one garment, you have no idea what’s in your wardrobe.


It’s this kind of thing that can generate the feeling of a full closet even if you don’t know what to wear and the constant need to bring new pieces of clothing, since you can’t see your options and all the possibilities stored there.


But, how can one begin to increase the visibility of one’s closet? The answer is very simple and the tip has already been shared around here: make a selection of pieces.


Look at what works and what doesn’t work for you and leave only what really makes sense.


You can do this by separating your pieces into tops, bottoms and single pieces and arrange them accordingly, creating a subdivision between what will go on the hanger and what will be folded.


Now, if you’ve already followed all the tips and you’re still having difficulties, maybe it’s time to start your image consulting, as this external look will help you assertively to achieve your goals and build your dream closet.

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