Valentine’s Day: ideas, quickly!

The Origins of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has its origins in ancient Rome, during the fertility festivals that took place in mid-February. This holiday was not recognized by the church until the 2nd – 3rd century, but it was not until 1700 that the exchange of gifts and the sending of Valentine’s Day cards began to spread.

Key figures for the couple and Valentine’s Day!

  • 10 months: this is the average time before the arrival of the first “I love you” in a relationship, most often pronounced by women.
  • 110 million roses sold every Valentine’s Day
  • 220,000 marriage proposals on February 14 worldwide
  • just over 50% of French people want to celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • only 30% of people do not intend to celebrate this holiday
  • 23% of people give their partner a gift for Valentine’s Day
  • for an average budget of around €90
  • for one in two people, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to offer a naughty gift to their partner
  • 4 out of 5 French people (men and women combined) cite communication as the best pillar of the couple. In second place comes sexuality, closely followed by joint projects.
  • 120: this is the average number of sexual intercourse per year on average among French people ( study conducted by a brand of condoms )
  • between 15 and 18 minutes: the average duration of a sexual intercourse in France
  • 41% of women think that you only meet true love once in your life ( IFOP survey , January 2014)
  • 4: the number of times you fall in love in your life (according to a British study)
  • 33% of people in a relationship are with their first love


Valentine’s Day gift ideas !

The most chosen gifts for Valentine’s Day

  1. The perfumes
  2. Jewelry and watches
  3. Flowers
  4. Sweets and chocolates
  5. Underwear and clothing


Our suggestions for cool gifts


A photo patchwork of your most beautiful immortalized memories

The PRINTIC or CHEERZ apps offer small Valentine’s Day boxes for around twenty euros containing 50 vintage Polaroid-type photos, which you can place in an album, on your fridge (with magnets) or in the form of garlands with a little creativity. Express delivery within 48 hours is possible.

Box Printic to immortalize your couple memories

Cheerz photo box to create a photo garland

An original work in metal printing

If you like the original formats, we advise you to take a look at the site  which offers a nice alternative to the paper format: prints on thin metal plates.

Below is an example of a nice print to declare your love to your dear and tender!

I love you – Geometric Love Poster made out of metal

A unisex perfume that you can share together

Calvin Klein released its unisex fragrance in 2016: CK2! The opportunity to make him discover this fragrance in 2 stages, fresh, sensual and electric, with original notes of wasabi, mandarin, and violet leaf. But also Ck One by Calvin Klein, Gris Montaigne by Dior, Gaultier2 by Jean Paul Gaultier, Eau by Cartier and Oud Ispahan by Christian Dior.

CK2 – the perfume for 2 from Calvin Klein

Unisex perfumes – Cosmopolitan


A Smartbox gift box for an unforgettable moment for two

Smartbox gift box ideas for Valentine’s Day

Parachute jumping, a romantic weekend in a castle lodge, a day at the spa, a night in a yurt or in a cabin perched in the forest… there is something for all tastes and all budgets, something to fulfill your most crazy, or make him discover unusual places!

Release sky lanterns in nature

Bring a touch of romance and originality by offering him a unique moment, releasing Thai lanterns in the middle of the night, from the top of a hill or from a pier on the beach! Count about twenty euros for 10 white lanterns, with delivery possible in 24 or 48 hours!

Sky lanterns – Skylantern

Prepare him a candlelight evening at home

Because the simplest ideas are often the best, organize a romantic evening at home, with a small dinner discovering the flavors of the world, followed by a bath for 2, surrounded by candles…

Valentine’s Day suggestions at Picard

Box for two de chez Sushi Shop

Give him a naughty gift to spice up your nights

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to experiment with new things during your nights of love: edible massage oils, candles to sift the atmosphere, small boxes to awaken your senses while playing with your partner, high-tech gifts , remotely controlled or via mobile app… Enough to make all your fantasies come true, and make the pleasure last!

Naughty Valentine’s Day gifts at Passage du Désir

Men’s underwear and women’s lingerie

All the lingerie and underwear brands create models and offer special Valentine’s Day gift boxes, but we can mention Tommy Hilfiger for men and Aubade for women, both of which have very nice models.

Boxer Happy Valentines by Tommy Hilfiger

Valentine’s Day Selection – Aubade Lingerie

To avoid absolutely for Valentine’s Day!

  • Take him to dinner at the local Fast Food or Buffalo Grill! We all know that Valentine’s Day is the day when restaurants register the most reservations, but from there to queuing in single file for 20 minutes to go to dinner at the Buffalo, it’s anti-romanticism in the pure state!! Please gentlemen, for February 14, choose a more original and intimate place.
  • Valentine’s evenings between couples of friends! Are you afraid of being face to face with your spouse? The evenings of February 14 with friends are good, but when you’re single!
  • Find the pretext of a professional meeting not to spend the evening of Valentine’s Day with your spouse! There is nothing more disrespectful for your partner, who may not digest this affront, or even ask themselves the question of whether you are not celebrating Valentine’s Day in good company…

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