Your summer tops if you have large breasts

Personal Shoppers Tips for Busty Women

We generally talk about generous breasts, large breasts or voluminous breasts from the E cup. That is on average with a chest measurement that starts at 90cm. But you must also take into account your natural morphology, your size, your proportions, to consider the importance of your chest.

If you want to hide your chest

Don’t feel like exposing your chest too much this summer – or in general? You may then have the reflex to wear closed tops, buttoned up to the collar. But you actually get the opposite effect… Indeed, this type of cut precisely accentuates the width of your bust. While a V-neck, contrary to what one can imagine, will help you refine this area. Do not hesitate to choose a short neckline (we want to avoid plunging here) but well flared towards the shoulders.

Also avoid maxi prints and very tight-fitting tops, which accentuate the volume.


If you want to put your chest forward


With a large chest, it is difficult to save a good bra. You know it if this is your case, it is a precious help that comes to relieve your back. You benefit from an additional advantage, if you are looking to strengthen, underline or highlight your chest… enhancing your natural curves.

On the other hand, avoid bras that are padded or artificially increase the size of the cup: they will not offer you the real physical support that you need.

Tops, blouses, top summer trends for a large chest

Discover three models of tops for a summer totally in line with your style.


    • Why this high?h

The cut just below the breast line helps you build support, while nicely highlighting this area of ​​the body. You can choose a shallow v-neckline to lessen the attention if you like.

    • Our look suggestion: beach comfy

“Shells and crustaceans” atmosphere with this look that smells of warm sand, wherever you are this summer. Thin tank top, trendy color of the moment (peach, pink, or whatever gourmet tone you like), mid-length shorts (or Bermuda shorts, back on trend) and braided bag for the “I’m back from the beach” effect. We aim for comfort with a pair of flat sandals, “uggly shoes” style and an essential accessory: the cap!

The pink tank top

The heart cover

    • Why this top?

The wrap effect, like on the wrap dress, always brings a touch of elegance, while subtly highlighting your natural curves. Play it delicate with a fluid material and light colors, or more assertive with a vibrant color that will give you character.

    • Our look suggestion: boho chic

At the office, in the city, in the evening, treat yourself to a simple and remarkable look at the same time. Little top, blouse or wrap-over blouse, to choose in a powerful color. High- waisted and flared jeans for the retro boho look. Heeled espadrilles, retro accessories, you’re on top!

Green wrap top outfit
Green wrap top outfit

The light blouse

    • Why this top?

The mix of V-neck and short cut (at the waist) naturally creates a How to dress with a figure 8 body shape? , with a perfect visual balance. This is the ideal top to enhance your curves!

    • Our look suggestion: classic chic

We have a look for every occasion. An outfit that’s easy to wear everywhere, since it enhances both your natural elegance and your ease. Opt for the condensed print blouse, associated with the star of the summer: the white pants . Accessorize in soft and harmonious tones: peach, gold, cream, or coffee.

The light blouse with white pants

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