Dyson Corrale straighteners in the test: is it worth it?

Relying on high-quality products with good coatings for heat styling is now common beauty knowledge. Of course, Dyson also plays in the league of popular premium straighteners, and since the Airwrap at the latest, we all want to know: Is the brand worth the money?

That’s why we tested the Dyson Corrale hair straightener and now let you know if it’s a must-have or an overpriced tool:

the essentials in brief

  • The Dyson straightening iron promises 50 percent less hair damage than other straightening irons
  • The Dyson Corrale is also a cordless cordless hair straightener
  • The designer hair straightener is now available in six colors

    Dyson Corrale hair straightener review

    Our experience with the Dyson hair straightener

    First impression

    The first impression of the Dyson Corrale is great. The scope of delivery includes the hair straightener, a charging station, a magnetic 360° cable and a heat-resistant travel bag. The device and the other parts appear very stable and of high quality .

    Unfortunately, what I notice a bit negatively is the relatively heavy weight of the straightening iron. According to the manufacturer, the Dyson Corrale weighs less than 1 kilogram. It doesn’t sound like much, but it feels a lot heavier than my ghd straightening iron, which I’ve been using for years and can get pretty awkward, especially when used for a long time. Just take a look.


    Using the Dyson Corrale straightener is very simple . I simply take the device from the docking station, press the power button and use the plus and minus buttons to select my desired temperature level. Within a few seconds, a tone sounds, signaling that the device is ready for use.

    When using it, I notice that the device doesn’t glide through the hair as gently as I’m used to with other straighteners. The Dyson Corrale has small indentations on the edges of the heating plates, which also detangle my hair, but also pull it slightly every now and then. But it doesn’t pull hair out!

    The slightly heavier weight of the Dyson Corrale is a change at first, but after a few uses I got used to it and I can still hold the hair straightener well even when styling it for a long time. In general, straight looks work very well , but curls require a bit of practice.

    styling result

    What can I say? The styling result from the Dyson Corrale hair straightener is really good . My hair is wonderfully smooth and not statically charged, which otherwise often happens.

    The structure of my hair looks very even and frizz seems to be an absolute foreign word. I also find that the hair looks less flat than other straighteners and has more body in general. I find the styling result much more natural than with other hair straighteners, which often make the hair look freshly ironed.


    Is the Dyson Corrale hair straightener worth it?

    Even if it was a bit unusual at first, I was able to get used to the Dyson straightening iron quickly. I particularly like the fact that I can use it wirelessly and with a cable . So I can easily put it in my bag and touch up my hair on the go.

    The styling result can also convince me. The hair is smooth and supple without losing too much volume. What I particularly like is that the hair is styled much more gently and there is less hair breakage . If you value healthy styling without a lot of heat, but very good styling results, you have found your soulmate here.

    However, the Dyson hair straightener weighs a lot more and is a bit “chunkier” than I am used to from my straightening iron. This makes styling curls a bit more cumbersome, but after a while you literally get the hang of it.

    Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the Dyson Corrale hair straightener is worth it for the relatively high price. But I can say that the quality and workmanship of the straightening iron are really excellent and that you will probably have something of the device for a very long time.


    • Flexible application with and without cable
    • Gentle on the hair
    • Very good styling results
    • Straight hair with more volume
    • Curls also look very beautiful
    • Outstanding quality and workmanship


    • Heavy weight
    • A bit unwieldy
    • high price

      How the Dyson Corrale hair straightener works

      Flexible heating plates

      Straightening irons usually have two stable heating plates that flatten the hair. The problem with this is that the tension may not be evenly distributed and you have less control over the styling .

      Dyson has researched innovative ways to solve this problem and has incorporated micro-joints into the plates that allow the heating plates to flex and grip the hair better .

      The plates have ionizing properties and charge the hair less statically. The metals used for the plates provide more flexibility, strength and heat conduction .

      50% less hair damage

      The Dyson Corrale hair straightener has three adjustable temperature settings: 165°C, 185°C and 210°C . This allows you to adjust the temperature to your own hair structure and the desired styling results.

      Thanks to the flexible heating plates and the improved tension when straightening, the hair can be optimally styled even with less heat. In this way you protect your hair from hair damage in the long term.

      Like the Supersonic and the Airwrap, the Corrale also has intelligent temperature regulation . A sensor measures the temperature 100 times per second and allows the temperature to be individually adjusted to the hair.

      Styling with and without cables

      How often has it happened that the rainy weather in Hamburg has destroyed my hairdo, and how often have I wished for a practical cordless straightening iron for on the go? Umpteen times!

      Whether it’s wired at home or wireless in the back seat of the pre-party cab, you can use the Dyson Corrale straightener with or without a cord . The 4-cell lithium-ion battery delivers the same power as a corded device.

      The straightening iron comes with a practical – and I think stylish – docking station and is already charged to 90 percent in just 40 minutes. This allows you to style wirelessly for up to 30 minutes .

    I  highly recommend  to you this Dyson corrale hair straightener . Shop Hair Straightener at Dyson.com 

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