How to dress at 60

You are going to blow out your 60 candles or you have already – and proudly – ​​celebrated your 60th birthday: what if it was time to give your style a new lease of life?

Sixty for a woman is a decade of change. Let’s celebrate them together! Take the opportunity to take a fresh look at your style. Keep only what you love, feel comfortable and more confident than ever by always sporting your best look. Are we showing you how? Follow the leader !

Some style tips for a 60 year old woman

Your 60s are a wonderful age. Yes, your 60th birthday is yours, because what matters is what you choose to do with it, how you choose to live it and dress it. It is generally considered that your tastes are clear and refined when you enter this decade… But that does not mean that you cannot change them! It’s a good age to feel free to…

  1. Dress you up with pleasure!
    No question of giving up fashion, on the contrary. It is firmly asserted that the look of a woman after 60 is as important as 10, 20 or 35 years before. Your style is your most immediate business card, at any age.
  2. Follow trends in small steps. Mix them with your favorite basics, that’s how you imprint your personality on your looks.
  3. play with colors like never before. Bring a little more light to your face by adopting powerful tones. Colors and prints, only one rule counts: choose the range that suits your complexion ( your colorimetry can change with age ).
  4. add a dose of elegance to your looks, whatever your usual style.
  5. have fun mixing pieces of different styles. Are you still looking for comfort? No problem, bet as always on your most beautiful sporty pieces… But combine them with chic clothes to create a new balance.

Let’s get to the inspiration part: now discover the best looks that our Personal Shoppers have selected for a 60-year-old woman.

A trendy look idea for a 60-year-old woman


trendy look for a 60 year old woman


If you have no intention of letting the latest fashionable nuggets slip away, here is a selection for you!

Embrace the metallic trend with a pleated midi skirt in this bright colour. For the top, choose a long-sleeved t-shirt with a ribbed effect, which simply hugs your curves, and an oversized blazer for the trendy, elegant and original masculine-feminine touch . Don’t forget the perfect accessory for this look: a pair of white faux leather ankle boots. Here you are, ready for an unforgettable evening… Or for a very simple day, there is no time to have style!

A modern 60s street look


A modern 60s street look


Now is the time to get into some interesting blends. This year again, the mix of elegant and ultra-comfy pieces remains a safe bet. Enjoy!

Pull out your cream jogger, or those fluffy pants you love so much. You will combine it with a basic t-shirt in a similar tone and put on a black, fitted blazer over it. Thin sneakers on the feet , cap if you like, mini clutch bag type handbag and you have your perfect look.

The elegant look that revisits your basics for your 60th birthday


The elegant look that revisits your basics for your 60th birthday


Some basics go through the ages. For your 60th birthday, have fun renewing materials and colors, while keeping the cuts that you love and that still suit you just as well.
Have you always liked culottes? Try it in denim and camel for a change. At the top, a simple white blouse that nicely contrasts your pants and an eternal trench coat over it.

Which shoes complement your look well? Kitten heels, as elegant at 32 as at 65, and very easy to wear. Finally, add a mini handbag with a crocodile skin effect, which will enhance your look even more.

How to express your rock side at 60


How to express your rock side at 60


We end here with a rocker look and a little favorite of our Personal Shoppers. We’ve already told you, there’s no time or age to claim the style you love… So if you like that, here’s how to create a rocker look to die for, at 60 years old.

To start, this look allows you to sublimate your legs with leather pants (faux leather, more ethical) and black, of course. Slip comfortably into a large sweater, just enough oversize to fit under a denim jacket. Finally, a pair of military or riding boots (in black leather, always) will bring the final touch to this look full of character.

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