How to dress if you are plump

Lookiero is for all women, all styles and all desires. Our collections go up to 48, with unique pieces, selected from the best brands.

If your body type is the round woman type, here is your style guide to find the looks that suit you.

In fashion, we consider “large size” those that go beyond 42, on the grounds that from this size, the pattern of a piece must be modified. Good. Fashion is all about cycles. Curves have long been sought after, a determining character of beauty, sensuality, even power… And they are finally coming back to the forefront, from where they inspire ever more creators.

Because it is inconceivable that a certain morphology prohibits you from following the style of your desires, we open here your special curvy women’s fashion guide.

Plus size: find your ideal look

In size 42 and above, you have an incredible range of possible styles. Appropriate this wealth to draw from it what suits you the most.

Our Personal Shoppers reveal their style secrets to enhance your plus size.

  • Whatever your body type, if you are starting a style change, introduce new pieces to your wardrobe little by little. Mix them with your basics to make them your own and discover what really looks like you.
  • Get inspired by plus size women you love. We too often forget the female models, yet they are very present. Observe how they emphasize their silhouette, their use of color and trends…
  • Remember that following the trend is not a question of morphology but of attitude. If you feel comfortable with a trend, go for it!
  • Forget the stereotypes of ‘no prints for plus sizes’ or ‘avoid stripes’. Your style is the one you assume, not the one assigned to you by default.
  • Concentrate on how to sublimate this or that part of your body, rather than how to conceal another. It’s always more constructive.

Top fashion tips for curvy women

Let’s go
  • V-neck tops and camisoles
  • Monochromatic styles
  • Three-quarter sleeves
  • Maxi accessories
  • Fluid materials that lengthen the silhouette
  • Soft colors and mini-prints
  • Empire designs
We avoid
  • Oversize, pieces that are too loose or unstructured
  • Pleated skirts and pants
  • Extra-shiny or metallic parts
  • Excess layers
  • Boyfriend cut jeans (see the jeans dictionary here if you have any doubts)
  • Very short jackets and tops

Round woman: find the shapes that sublimate yours

The whole point of a successful style is to highlight your body, to accompany it and sublimate it. Never to hide it.
You will therefore look for pieces that highlight your shapes, in a subtle and delicate way or more direct if you are the daring type. Textures, colors, cuts, here are some essentials that will create a harmonious silhouette in any situation… And that should always find their place in your wardrobe.

The ideal dress for a curvy woman

Here are the 3 models that work every time. A favorite ?

  1. The asymmetrical and short cut to energize your silhouette.
  2. The monochrome to stylize your body.
  3. The miniprint or the vertical stripe that elongates and redraws you.

What pants for a curvy woman

The ally to have in your wardrobe is the refined cut pants. A skinny or straight cut will suit you perfectly. Ideally, prefer a flexible material.

Avoid pants with exposed side pockets, which artificially add bulk to the hips.

For a simple and always successful outfit, combine straight cut trousers with a close-fitting top. Do the same with tight pants to harmonize your silhouette and stylize your natural proportions.

You can also enhance your natural curves with high-waisted pants. The effect is sensual and daring.

You can consult this article if you have an O morphology (or oval silhouette). However, large size does not necessarily mean unique morphology. Check out the body shape guide here .


Some curvy and famous women who inspire us a lot


Do you know American model Ashley Graham ? The face of many brands, she even has a Barbie doll in her likeness! She campaigns on Instagram for every woman to accept her body as it is and live it well… Like us, at Lookiero!

On the fashion side, singer Beth Ditto is a perfect example of originality and personalized style, plus size version, just like Nicki Minaj, who makes her round shapes one of her trademarks. You can also follow actress Rebel Wilson and her ultra-punchy looks, actress and genius author Lena Dunham and Marianne James.


Our trendy look ideas for a curvy woman


Here are some suggestions from our Personal Shoppers to enhance your silhouette if you are curvy.

Don’t forget that you can also use the style cards of your own Personal Shopper: these are ideas of looks to create and combine, precisely adapted to your body and your measurements!

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