How to dress when you’re little?

Triangle silhouette, hourglass morphology, all that, you read it but your first concern is your size…? If so, it’s time to learn how to pamper yourself too.

You’re probably not the first to wonder how to dress when you’re little. But you may not have found the right answer so far! Our Personal Shoppers have answers to help you discover your assets and highlight them.

To do or not to do…? (Re)discover yourself!

Below what size can we say that we are “small”?

When we talk about small morphology, we are talking about women 1.60m and under. The sleeves that are often too long, the hems on all your pants, the oversize that only looks good on others… You know?

It is a reality, the overall proportions of modern fashion clothes do not always give you the expected effects. But you have plenty of opportunities to shape your style, guided by our Personal Shoppers!

To do / To avoid when you are small

We avoid
  • Oversized clothing (deliberately too large effect)
  • Extra-large accessories
  • Maxi skirts and dresses
Let’s go
  • Mark the size
  • Monochromatic looks: bet on harmony rather than breaking the silhouette.
  • Show your legs!

How to dress when you’re little?

You know how your morphology takes shape, you have spotted your strengths… Now here’s how to get the best out of your silhouette!

For the top

You understood, your interest is in cropped tops, cut at the waist, rather than in the length that cuts your hips.
Tight clothes, marked necklines, cropped tops: follow the natural lines of your silhouette without exaggeration. For example, avoid adding volume to the shoulders and chest.

Vertical lines are for you! (Avoid horizontal stripes, however).

In pants

Ditto for your pants: put your shapes forward. Mark the waist, belt, hips, with the right cut. Straight or slim cut (but not too tight like skinny pants), shorts at will! To check which types of pants are made for you, discover here the primer of jeans.

Avoid prints that overload the silhouette and pack you down, and favor vertical stripes over horizontal ones.

In dress

Your best ally is a short, fitted dress that marks your waist well while highlighting your legs.

In general, avoid maxi dresses and overloaded or very large prints.

Another tip: the playsuit is perfect for you!

In a skirt

Lucky you, you are one of those who can wear a mini-skirt, a straight skirt, a pencil skirt, a tube skirt… In short, all skirts!

You can also wear the midi skirt, provided it is split on the side to add verticality to the silhouette.


Some celebrities who inspire us with a smaller body type


How to dress when you’re little? These women respond perfectly to the question and that is why we set them up as models here. Of course, we follow the outfits of Eva Longoria, but you can also take inspiration from Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Natalie Portman, Beth Dito, Géraldine Nakache, Alexandra Sublet, or even the fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker, who all measure less than 1.60m.

Such a list of women shows you that, whatever your body type, age, taste and style, you will always find how to dress with pleasure, even if you are small.

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