How to take your measurements?

Where should you put the tape to measure your waist circumference? In the middle of the stomach? Above the hips? Our Personal Shoppers teach you today how to take your measurements.

How will it help you to know your hip measurement? The point of taking your measurements is to be able to find the piece that really suits you. Have a custom dress or suit made for you, understand where you are on the scale of sizes in clothing stores… We will never talk to you here about standards or “standard size”: because it’s time to understand what your size is, to assume it and live it 100%!

What can you take your measurements with?

The basic tool is the tape measure. The accessory found in every sewing kit (much easier to use than a metal tape measure!).

  • First of all, you won’t be able to measure your waist correctly if you’re fully clothed. Ideally, stay in your underwear or wear a very thin piece that is very close to the body, so as not to distort the result.
  • Next, find the ideal position to take your measurements. You should be relaxed and breathing normally, in a natural position. Position yourself in front of a mirror to correct your position if necessary, with your back straight, arms along your body and feet together.
  • Finally, when passing the tape measure around your body, do not tighten too much. The more you pull on the meter, the less accurate the size obtained will be. It should also not float, but simply rest on the skin, to follow your natural curves.

You will now be able to measure the chest, waist and hips circumference.

How to take your waist measurement

A woman’s waist circumference is measured where your belly is thinnest.

That point where, when you stand facing the mirror, you see the lines of your body curving sideways. This hollow can be very marked if you have an 8 morphology , for example, or very discreet if you have, conversely, an H morphology .

However, it is not always easy to locate this place on our body (and not all of us have it). Since there are as many body shapes as there are women, here’s a tip for successfully taking your waistline every time: wrap the ribbon around your waist, passing it just above your navel.

How to take your hip measurement?

As for the hip circumference, the chest circumference is measured at the point where it is widest.

Remember to pass the ribbon under your arms and surround your chest at the tip of the nipple. Take the time to measure well: the tape must be taut, without overtightening or crushing your breasts.

It is this number (75, 90, 95, 100, etc.) that is used to establish your bra circumference, in particular.

How to recognize your size based on your measurements?

There are several systems around the world for defining clothing sizes. In France and in most European countries, a similar grid is used, which you recognize with the numbers 32, 34, 38, 40, 42, 46, 50, 52, etc.


Cut Chest size Hip circumference Waist size
34-XS 80 86-88 36-66
38-S/M 90 93-96 67-70
40-M 95 97-100 71-74
42-M/L 100 101-104 75-78
44-L 105 105-108 79-82
46-L/XL 110 109-112 83-86
48-XL 115 113-116 87-90
50-XL/XXL 120 117-116 87-90
52-XXL 125 121-124 95-98

But you also sometimes encounter the American or even the British system on the labels. Our grid will finally allow you to recognize the equivalences so that you are no longer mistaken.
To find out what size of pants or skirt you correspond to, the trick is to divide your waist circumference by 2, and find the size that corresponds in this grid.

For example: a waist circumference of 86 cm will roughly correspond to a 42 (86/2 = 43), so you are in a size M.

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