How to wear the trendy preppy style ?

How to wear the preppy style

The preppy is based on the very traditional codes of the great elitist New York schools.

What changes, in 2021, is the tone and attitude with which we wear these haughty-inspired looks. Gone are the naive ribbons and tidy schoolgirl pleated skirts. This season, you will rather turn to comfort sweaters and oversized cuts. You will even be able to introduce a few heterogeneous elements to your preppy look, to let the wise character that lies dormant in you rebel.

For the colors of the look, we always keep the neutral base which makes it possible to clearly mark the identity of a preppy style. Black, navy and plain grey, to be combined with the usual pink , yellow and sky blue. But we can also go further, by declining these lively notes on ranges a little wider than the simple primary tones. In terms of inspiration, Moschino’s 2022 collections set the tone well.

The 7 essentials of the preppy look

This season, expect to find a few more colors, mixes and original design games in the recipe for preppy style.


essentials of the preppy look with 2021 sauce


How to achieve your preppy look in a few steps: here is the list of your essentials:

  1. The oversize is fashionable, even in the chic and traditional preppy wardrobe. From the sweater to the autumn dress, opt for the large versions.
  2. The mesh is also essential. Striped jumper, jacquard jumper or diamond cardigan, to be worn over an oversized shirt, of course.
  3. Tweed is welcome, as always, but this year in pastel shades, inspired by Chanel. It is preferably associated with a piece of your casual, even sporty wardrobe, to break the classic side of the material.
  4. The vest, of course, is important… But in its sleeveless version. Buttoned all the way up, and with a choice of stylish jeweled, pearl or mother-of-pearl buttons. Pair it with a midi skirt (pleated for the classic preppy touch) and a pair of track-soled flat boots. It’s the ideal rebellious accessory to update the preppy look right in the 2021 trend.
  5. We say yes to sports pieces, whether they come from the world of tennis, polo or rugby, since we remain on a “high society” inspiration base. It is in this vein that an oversized sweater will fit very well into your look.
  6. Leather (or leather effect) brings an essential rebellious touch to the new preppy style. We find it in a perfecto, in a skirt or in pants, to mix with a cotton sweater or a small knit sweater with a V-neck . A perfect mix!
  7. The key piece for your New York-style autumn: high-waisted wide-leg pants. It goes together easily with a thin wool sweater, a pair of moccasins (track sole, always, for the offbeat side of the current trend), or even a pair of high boots.

Find out here how to perfectly combine all these pieces from the preppy wardrobe for fall 2021. Your best looks, created by our Personal Shoppers.

Your inspiration: the preppy looks of the moment


the preppy looks of the moment

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