Stylish Silk For Office Wear

Silk For Work

Silk is a very elegant and beautiful material that is great for work wear. Silk as a natural material is high quality, great looking and very comfortable to wear. Silk is a breathable material that also retains heat well. Thus, silk is also well suited for reasons that are a degree cooler. Personally, in addition to the reasons mentioned above, I love silk precisely because of its versatility – silk is really not only used for formal wear, but many silk garments are perfect for many different situations, from everyday to festive!

One of the most used clothes in my entire wardrobe (note not only the skirts but the clothes!) Is this black silk skirt shown in the pictures. I have been wearing a skirt for many years in numerous different outfits. I have always worn a silk skirt from everyday to night. The silk skirt in the pictures I have had over the years combined with various blazers, leather robes, silk tops, collared shirts, cardigans and no matter how many other garments. The best part of this silk skirt is just how easily it adapts to many different situations and outfits.

How to wear silk clothing for the workplace?

A silk skirt with a classic collared shirt would be perhaps the most traditional combination for the workplace ( in this outfit) I’ve been wearing just this combination), but really many of you were hoping for inspiration specifically around casual knitwear, so I wanted to show you how a piece of clothing like this would work with a silk skirt. As the material is refined and luxurious as a material, it is perfectly compatible with even more casual clothing. The silk shirt is great with a pair of straight pants and or, for example, a stylish pencil skirt. As a rule of thumb with silk garments, I would say the same thing as for leather garments: combine sophisticated silk garments with more casual and more ordinary garments, so that the overall look remains suitable for the work environment. The ensemble is extremely elegant and elegant at the time, but not too festive.

Silk clothing maintenance:

Many may be afraid to buy silk clothing as it is perceived as challenging to maintain. However, silk clothing makes a really long-term friend if you are willing to take care of it the right way.

– Ventilation. Silk clothes should not be washed too often, but in many cases just ventilation is enough. Unnecessary washing is avoided by wearing, for example, undershirts or other underwear under silk clothing and remembering to ventilate silk clothing after each use.

– Stain removal & washing. If there is a stain on the silk garment, you should remove it as soon as possible. The stain should be removed locally if possible. However, if the garment needs to be washed completely, it can be done by hand or with a washing machine hand / silk program. Personally, I always use only the detergents for silk clothes. Also note that not all silk garments can be washed in water, so the garment must be taken to the laundry. There is a Washing Instructions in the clothes washcloth!

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