This season, the silk women’s clothing  consists of 5 silk blouses and 5 skirts. Silk stands for luxury and comfort. Every woman should have at least 1 silk skirt and 1 silk blouse in the closet. You can combine endlessly with a silk garment.

Stretch quality

This season we have opted for a silk quality with stretch . The elastane in the fabric ensures that the garment gives where needed. This elastane prevents the fabric from scoring. You make the garment more durable because it can last longer. The fabric is therefore also a bit heavier, so that the fabric also drapes nicely.

This season we get a lot of positive reactions to our silk women’s clothing . Are you also excited and would you like to order a silk Derek blouse or silk Marlon skirt? Please take a look at our silk collection



Silk is a natural product that is secreted by certain insects and solidifies on contact with air. The most famous insect for its production is the silkworm ( Bombyx mori ), the larva of a butterfly species . There are also certain spiders that are suitable for sericulture. While the caterpillars make their cocoons with it, spiders weave their webs from it. Both the textile fiber and the final textile are referred to as silk . Silk fabrics are loved for their shine, suppleness and soft texture, but the production is expensive.

silk fabric types

There are different silk types:

  • raw silk: silk that has been dyed, but not cooked
  • wild silk: silk from an insect other than the silkworm
  • ahimsa silk: silk where the silkworms are not killed during production
  • damask silk
  • crepe silk (corruption of crepe silk)
  • taffeta
  • samit
  • doupion side

We therefore work with a stretch silk, which contains elastane, which means that the fabric lasts much longer.


As a fashion lover you are of course always interested in trendy clothing with nice new details. You prefer supple natural fabrics that look beautiful and last. We have designed a must-have series of blouses for you that you can combine with everything. As a pure natural product, silk has a long history as an excellent raw material for stylish clothing and even today many fashionable men and women appreciate a beautiful silk blouse. Due to the soft, supple properties and the beautiful appearance of the material, each silk blouse is a feast for the eyes and a joy to wear. Every silk blouse is of the best quality and made by leading fashion labels. You will find various models in the varied collection. There is certainly a color in this series of women’s silk blouses  that you will like and you can go in all directions with the many models that are often appropriate in both a casual outfit and a more formal business look.

“A silk blouse retains its value in fashion for a long time!”

Due to the timeless appearance of the material, you will enjoy a silk blouse for a long time that you can easily combine within the current fashion collections and those from the past and the future. For example, with a beautiful silk blouse you can make a very successful mix with a lot of clothes from your existing wardrobe, and with the clothes that you will purchase in the future. It is not for nothing that silk, like cotton, is one of the best-selling natural fabrics in the fashion world. Silk already has a beautiful look by nature, which many fashion labels know how to use tastefully within the various collections that are released every season. A silk blouse is of course a popular item of clothing in every season that finds its way into the various wardrobes of women with different tastes and styles in the field of fashion. A high-quality silk blouse such as you can find in the selection at, goes well with cool jeans, neat trousers, stylishskirts and dresses , elegant cardigans and various trendy jackets and blazers .



As a raw material for clothing, silk can be a very environmentally friendly product. The mulberries do not require fertilizers, agricultural pesticides or pesticides. Relatively little energy is also required to process the silk into fabrics. Dyes hold very well on the silk and therefore it is easy to work with natural dyes.

Silk is extremely strong and can therefore be recycled better than many other materials.

animal friendly

The traditional process of extracting silk is, of course, not animal-friendly. Therefore, so-called ‘Ahimsa silk’ (also known as peace silk, peace silk or vegetarian silk) is only extracted after the moth has crawled out of the cocoon. This is done on special farms or by collecting wild silk from silkworms that are not grown and kept on a silk farm.

Since the pupa cannot be unwound in one thread, this silk is spun from the silk thread left over after the moth has emerged. This creates a fabric that feels just as luxurious as regular silk, but is less vulnerable and keeps you warm better.

At present, China is the largest silk producer. We therefore produce our silk women’s clothing in China. They are closely followed by India, Japan, the former Soviet Union and Brazil.

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Silk ladies skirts have been a must- have for your wardrobe for a number of seasons . No matter how you combine them, the richness of the material will keep you looking dressed. Sporty, chic… you can wear it in all directions!

chic look

We have made a matching silk Derek blouse with every silk Marlon skirt . Leave the bottom 2 buttons open and tie them just on the waistband of the skirt. You then create the effect of a maxi dress. Combine it with a heel or boot for a chic sexy look. Then casually throw a leather biker jacket over your shoulder…and you are good togo!

comfy look

If you’re going for a more comfortable look, combine your silk skirt with a woolen ladies sweater . The contrast of the 2 materials gives depth to your look. Here too you can wear boots, but also a nice sneaker.
Also try a cool shirt, with an oversized wool cardigan over it . This season we have used the most beautiful wool types available for these woolen items. The wool sweaters and cardigans are made of Baby Alpaca and Merino wool.

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