How to choose the best desk to work, study or play

No matter what the main function of your desk is, it must adapt to all your needs. If you are going to buy one, it may be a good time to analyze everything that we must take into account to acquire the one that is best for you. Something we’re going to break down right now.

One of the most important parts of a work , study or gaming area is the desk, the table where we are going to develop our activity.

If we spend many hours in front of the computer, there are some products that should give us everything we need, such as a chair, keyboard or computer mouse. Well, the desk must be another of those elements that we are going to take care of in detail.

To choose which one is the best for us, the first question we must ask ourselves is what we are going to do preferably in it. That is, we are going to use it to work, to study or using accessories to play the current games that we like the most.

It does not matter for each table , since most of the parameters that we must take into account are compatible with all types.

Let’s talk about ergonomics

This is a subject that is not taken into account when buying a desk, since it does not seem very important. Well, yes it is, especially if the desktop is going to settle in an area where there was already one and we have the adjacent components purchased.

When choosing the table and chair, a series of positional requirements must be followed that we must try to meet, especially those who spend multiple hours in front of the monitor.

A good posture and ergonomics are achieved thanks to:

  • The chair: if we can keep our forearms resting on the chair, describing a right angle with our elbows and at the same time using the keyboard, we will have a very good position.
  • The table : the table should be practically at the same height as the chair armrests, so we will take care of our backs.
  • Monitor : the computer monitor should be at eye level, otherwise we will have back and neck problems from continuously looking down.
  • Keyboard and mouse : we must try to make the keyboard and mouse ergonomic, since it will help a lot when it comes to suffering wrist injuries such as tendonitis.
  • Get up : it is convenient that we get up for a couple of minutes every hour of work, study or play, to prevent possible muscle stiffness.

    Buy the best table

    Once we are clear about the above, it is time to see how we can choose the best table for ourselves, but we must be clear about certain details before getting into the matter.

    We must be clear about how much space we have available in the area where we want to place the table, so it must be well measured and not only what is the width, length and height, but we should also measure space for some wing, as long as our intention is to have such a table.

    Height is a determining factor , not only in terms of ergonomics and the best posture, as we have seen before, but it must be adjusted to what we measure, taking into account that there are some that are already prepared for different measurements. Another of the specifications that we can take into account is the work area that the table itself allows us, something very important, especially considering that this area does not always fit into the area that we have chosen, it becomes scarce to store things if We don’t have drawers or if we have any idea of ​​working with two monitors, to give you three very simple examples.

table types

We can include the market tables in several types if we take into account their shape, distribution and service area.

But the style is what always attracts the most attention and can be divided into:

  • Rectangular : they are the most common, larger or smaller, including those that are gaming that also almost always have this shape.
  • L-shaped : they are the ones that best take advantage of the corners, being highly recommended when you have little space.
  • U-shaped : the best thing is the large work area that these types of tables have.
  • Corners : then we have other desks that adapt to the corners, in order to reduce space. They are usually tables for very special places.
  • Complete : as a last option we can have desks that are integrated into the room itself (they are usually for children), together with a closet or integrated into some type of larger prefabricated piece of furniture.

What should we consider?

When buying a desk, we must take into account several parameters, which are always very much subject to our needs, in addition to the type of use that we are going to give the table.

It is clear that there will be arguments shared by those who want a desk to work, play or study, but there will be others in which they differ.


This faculty is the most ephemeral of all, that is, here everyone must know what they want, how they like it and what type of table they have in mind .

In general terms, we could say that most gaming people want a rectangular table, with steel legs and color, but there are also those who have put them with corners, so there is nothing that is written one hundred percent and for everything. the world.

At work and study tables the resemblance is usually greater, since space or drawers are normally needed.


As is evident, there is a great variety of materials and, therefore, different prices on the tables. We have materials such as chipboard, which imitates wood, plastic, glass, steel or wood itself, among others.

This is a section in which each one must weigh what they want and how much they want to pay for it. That is to say, chipboard tables are cheaper than those that are wood, so we would have to know if one or the other is worth us to work, study or play every day.

We have not said play, because the truth is that there are no wooden gaming tables, they are all made of plastic materials, something that does not mean that they are worse, but that they are oriented towards that type of manufacturing.


Fundamental part and that is also highly subjective . This will depend on what we have in mind. That is, if with a medium-sized table it reaches us or we need a very large table to be able to get more out of it.

There is nothing written in this and it will be based on two important issues such as the space we have and the use we want to give it.


Here again comes the taste and needs of each one . For example, there are tables that come with lecterns to place the monitor so that they are higher or some tables that have drawers, although there are some without anything we have told you about.

The gaming tables are the most particular, because they often have lights, they have specific spaces to leave headphones, glasses, drinks and something else.

For this reason it is very necessary to be clear about what we want the table for when going to buy it and from there, We would like to recommend Homary to Buy best study table at best prices .

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