The secrets to find the line permanently!

Body Mass Index Calculation

BMI = Weight / Height²

  • Average weight: BMI between 18.5 and 25 (if necessary, slight dietary rebalancing)
  • Below a BMI of 18.5: thinness (act by increasing your calorie intake and gaining mass through bodybuilding or the gym)
  • Above a BMI of 25: overweight (act by regulating your diet by reducing calorie intake)
  • Above a BMI of 30: obesity (increase your metabolism through sports practice + complete food rebalancing)

1) Reclaim your body!

Renew your wardrobe, choose your clothes carefully (neither too tight nor too loose) so as to feel comfortable and highlighted in it! Feeling good in your clothes is essential to start a food rebalancing in the best conditions!

Indeed, a size 40 pants assumed will make you more attractive than a size 38 where you feel bad inside, compressed (e), even pudgy (e)!

2) Do not fall into an excess of deprivation

Set aside one day off per week to eat higher-calorie foods (without too much excess fat or sugar): this allows you to  relearn the notion of pleasure and better savor these foods!

Repeated frustration over the long term (without a day off during the week) will lead to demotivation and a continuous letting go. While the very purpose of a food rebalancing is to maintain these new good habits for the rest of your life!

Equally essential point: Do not expect to have results after 2 days. You can feel fat on some days and rather thin on others! Patience is bitter but its fruit is delicious!

3) A food rebalancing  over the long term !

  • When you have bad eating habits, you have to change them permanently !
  • Stabilizing and consolidating the lost weight is essential if you don’t want to regain all the lost weight!
  • Reintroduce the egg in your diet: it is the slimming food par excellence, while being much more economical than most protein products on the market! 2 or 4 eggs a day (limit egg yolks for cholesterol).
  • Starting the day with a protein breakfast (2 hard-boiled or fried eggs, with or without the yolks) also increases the metabolism!
  • Other foods are recognized for their slimming virtues such as pineapple (known to burn fat), watermelon (calorie-free because it is made up of more than 92% water) and grapes (detoxifying).
  • Oat bran is also an excellent slimming ally and promotes transit!
  • Limit the consumption of products that are too fatty, too salty, too sweet (starchy foods in particular: bread, pasta, etc.)
  • Avoid food processed by the food industry and “light” products that promote weight gain (for example, prefer Coca Cola 0 to Coca Cola Light).
  • Adopt Mediterranean cuisine based on vegetables , olive oil , fish , fruit .

4) Do a minimum of physical exercise

  • No need for equipment or a gym to refine your body! 10 minutes a day is enough to redraw your line from 15 days , at home!
  • 50 to 100   daily teens , or/and 50 to 100 push- ups (in 5 sets of 20) and 2 minutes of sheathing on the ground: it’s perfect for reshaping your body from 2 weeks, men and women alike!
  • Remember to tuck in your stomach every day: the repeated contractions will strengthen your transverse muscles and gradually refine your waist.
  • Prefer  sport on an empty stomach in the morning for optimal fat burning.
  • You can take Wellbeing Nutrition fat burning supplements to burn fat .
  • Playing sports yes, but without going overboard with 40 minutes of daily jogging 😉!
  • Take the stairs rather than the elevator: going up and down on foot is excellent for shaping your buttocks! In the same way, walk a little more, for example to go to the bakery, take the metro one station further or get off the bus one stop earlier! These little new cumulative habits will  increase your energy metabolism (make you burn more calories) without you even realizing it!

5) Surround yourself with supportive people

Socialize and share your project with loved ones who understand your need to lose weight

Stay away from harmful people who take pleasure in commenting on your weight or your physique. No more reflections of the type “  Ah well, you’ve grown!  or ”  Have you gained a few pounds?”  » and others «  Yes, well I wouldn’t do it like that to lose weight! “.

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