What jewelry to give at Christmas? My little tips for finding the perfect jewel to offer

Why give a jewel at Christmas?

Ok, jewelry is often the “easiest” solution, at least at first sight, because if you’ve ever wanted to offer a piece of jewelry, you know it, it’s not always easy to find THE perfect piece of jewelry.

Jewelery is a unique and above all timeless gift , it lasts over time, it’s not like a garment that one day will end up in the dumpster or on a sales site. The jewel does not wear out.

But above all, there is something for all ages , from children to grandparents.

minimalist earring

What jewel to offer for a child?

When we talk about children’s jewelry, we often think of the low-end stuff, but fortunately today there are tons of quality children’s jewelry.

If a little girl has her ears pierced (never do it behind her parents’ backs), a little pair of fleas will give her stars in her eyes.

There are also bracelets, necklaces for children (often for little girls, it must be admitted). However, you should know that the risk of losing jewelry at the playground is quite high.

What jewel to give to a woman?

Ha vast subject… Between rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or accessories, difficult to navigate.

If you don’t know the “style” of the person perfectly, you risk having a flop. Personally, I love minimalist jewellery, without too much frills, but I have friends who love stones, rhinestones and imposing jewellery.

Fortunately, there are jewels that I call “security” . They are timeless and go with everyone.

Creoles, pearl or rhinestone chips for earrings. A choker necklace with a pendant or even a bangle or a chain bracelet can avoid the gift flop.

The only thing to know is the color preference, gold or silver.

What jewelry to give to a man?

Yes, men are not only reduced to wearing silver or gold chains. Today, there are great men’s jewelry.

From the leather cuff to the steel bracelet, without forgetting the essential watch.

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