How to remove stains simply!

Discover our simple tips for removing 12 types of stains from your clothes, plaids, tablecloths or curtains: wine stain, ink stain, grass stain, blood stain, grease stain, coffee, tea or chocolate stain, lipstick or foundation stain, deodorant stains, candle stain, fruit stains, stains on delicate materials and rugs/carpets.

wine stain

Immediately sprinkle with flour or cornstarch and let dry, then dab with a clean cloth soaked in white vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

ink stain

Rub the stain with a cloth soaked in lemon juice mixed with table salt and a few drops of white vinegar.

Grass stain

Soak in white vinegar, leave to act then rinse. If the stain persists, dab with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol (purchased in pharmacies) slightly diluted in a little warm water. Rinse then wash with soap and rinse again.

blood stain

Soak in cold water! WARNING never wash the blood stain with hot water because it will fix the stain on the fabric! Dissolve an aspirin tablet in a little cold water and dab the bloodstain with this mixture.

Grease stain

Using absorbent paper, remove as much fat as possible. Then rub vigorously with a dry Marseille soap. Rinse with very hot water then machine wash the garment.

Tea, coffee or chocolate stain

Sprinkle the stain generously with fine salt and leave to act for an hour. If the stain persists, rub with a clean cloth soaked in the 50% white vinegar 50% hot water mixture.

lipstick stain

Pour a little grease-free cleansing milk on the lipstick stain. Emulsify well then wash by hand with Marseille soap.

foundation stain

Rub with a cotton pad soaked in non-greasy cleansing milk. If the stain persists rub with very slightly moistened Marseille soap. Then machine wash the garment.

candle stain

Scrape or scrape lightly with the edge of a spoon to remove excess wax. Apply two layers of absorbent paper to the trace before passing a hot iron over it. The wax will be absorbed by the paper in an instant!

Deodorant/antiperspirant stains

(under the arms): before machine washing apply one of the following solutions:

  • put some fresh lemon juice or white vinegar directly before putting in the washing machine.
  • baking soda (or table salt) diluted in hot water or 2 tablets of aspirin dissolved in half a cup of hot water and leave on the stain for 2 hours before washing.
  • optionally powdered meat tenderizer (unseasoned) mixed with hot water and let stand for half an hour before machine washing.

fruit stains

Immediately rinse the fabric with boiling water. For red fruits, soak in lukewarm water, soap without rinsing and lay out in the sun then machine wash the dry garment.

Stains on delicate fabrics and carpets

Be careful, for delicate materials (cashmere, silk, wool), do not take any risks! Go directly to the dry cleaners to benefit from the most appropriate cleaning for your clothes!

For stains on rugs and carpets : absorb the liquid with a paper towel then rub with a brush (or sponge) soaked in a mixture of 1/3 white vinegar and 2/3 sparkling water.

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